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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 28, 2018

How was your Giving Tuesday? Felt pretty good, huh? If you aren’t done giving, how about thinking of us here at KITM? Boy, would that feel good.

David Waldman catches us up from… yesterday!  A lot sure has happened:

Donald Trump went full dotard again, this time over at the Washington Post. Trump offers the idea that GM should try selling cars that sell better, as that’s what he and his mighty gut would do.

As insurrectionists attempt to take over the House, Nancy Pelosi takes them to school. No Labels labeled Donald Trump a problem solver, and Nancy Pelosi a scary bogeyman.

Oakland University passes out hockey pucks in the event of active shooters—really! KITM listeners tweet in with enough jokes to fill a Don Rickles Vegas set.

Times are changing in Mississippi, but not fast enoughGOTV matters as Mike Espy makes it a non-blowout.  But wait! Greg Dworkin tells us the Blue Wave ain’t done yet. AP is retracting its call on CA CD21and North Carolina’s election board declines to certify its 9th Congressional District Race due to someone being very, very naughty.

Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi are pals to the end. Donald’s memory of Jerome is fleeting. It’s lucky that Robert Mueller has emails from mutual bud Roger Stone to help them all reminisce.

Joan McCarter reviews Trump’s latest gibberish on climate, and wall tantrums to inspire us to keep fighting. All of Trump’s judicial nominees are awful in their own special way, but Thomas Farr is in the running for the worst. Democrats need just one vote to stop him.

Spread the word: 19 days and counting until Obamacare open enrollment ends.