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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 28, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin resolutely lead us ever forward, as KITM tracks the unrelenting migration of social media, just as our ancient hunter forbearers pursued vast herds of mastodons across the great plains

How about those midterms, huh? The media and pollsters are still trying to figure out what they did right, which wasn’t a ton. The Democratic party shouldn’t pat themselves on the back too hard either. Voters figured out on their own what they needed to do and did it, mostly young voters.

Everyone agrees, Donald Trump lost that election, like he always loses, and always will lose… Ok, some in the GQP haven’t got the memo yet. The Warnock-Walker race might clue in some of the slow ones.

Then there’s Kari Lake, and her lost cause diehards in Arizona. Maybe it was the printers, except for how it can’t possibly be the printers. Trump orders Navy gunships into Phoenix. Think these dopes didn’t get anywhere in the midterms? Think again.

Republicans will have it rough with a slim majority, although it’d be even nicer if they had a fat minority. Bill Kristol is always wrong, but if anyone is still listening, he’d prefer House Speaker Barbara Comstock. Up in Alaska, they’re trying out a bipartisan Democratic majority, thanks to fish supporters.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump had dinner with an antisemite (Did Donald mention he was black?) who brought his plus one, a Holocaust denier. Who could have known?