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Civil War! Stand by for a KITM secret directive to Antifa forces—They do have Zombie Hitler, so we are assured this will be a tough fight but…

Oh, wait. It now seems that David Waldman will be addressing the other civil war—our long-time favorite here—the war of Democrats vs. Democrats.

Armando calls in. Check out what he’s come up with over the last 24 hours—heck, you should follow him and read what he comes up with all the time. Today’s discussion pits the DNC Joint Fundraising Agreement of 2015 vs JFA 2016. Also the DCCC vs the DNC, caucuses vs. primaries, binding vs. non binding vs open vs closed vs firehouse primaries—remember, you can’t exploit the rules if you don’t know them! 

Now, about the Hillary Victory Fund. Daily Kos readers, and especially KITM listeners are blessed with perpetually sensitive minds, immune to numbing by any level of detail. So you should follow along on this thread David and Armando discussed, and then follow up by reading this and this one, which contain new details, ideas and invective. Get it out of your system, then get back to work.

So, if the country isn’t in smoking ruins by the end of the weekend there are interesting races in Virginia, like the one between the pro-racist murder guy, and the guy who isn’t. Probably not good enough of a reason to destroy democracy, or keep the civil war going.

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