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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 30, 2022

Twitter has lost 50 of its top 100 advertisers since Elon Musk took over. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are still working out the kinks in their Mastodon experience, which doesn’t need either advertising or fascist trolls to keep running. What keeps Mastodon working? Techno-magic, I figure.

Equally hard to fathom is how Sam Bankman-Fried screwed thousands of people out of millions of dollars. That is, until you factor greed and stupidity into your calculations, then it becomes a little easier to explain.

Trump is handing white supremacists huge propaganda victories. Actually, Milo Yiannopoulos says white supremacists are taking those huge propaganda victories from Trump. Either way, the Republican party is feeling a lot of Madison Cawthorn vibes around Donald lately and have been keeping their knives sharp just in case for years. Of course, Trump’s white supremacists bother the GQP as much as Madison’s bra did, which is not at all until their polling is threatened.

Hakeem Jeffries has been elected as the first Black leader to the House in history. In fact, Democratic House leadership won’t include any White men at all. Meanwhile, Mike Lindell is running against Ronna Romney McDaniel for chair of the Republican Party.

It turns out passionate anti-grooming candidate Patricia Kent was well known for being a… You know the rest.

Voters are turning out in Georgia, with a single day record in early voting yesterday. Who knows who they are voting for, but even Herschel Walker knows that doesn't sound good for him.

Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County is getting ready to vote on certifying their results from the 2022 midterm election. Cochise County in Arizona made a name for themselves by being the last holdouts.

A poll worker has been charged with violating election law after stealing data. He doesn’t get why they’d pick on him, as he’s a Republican.

Oath Keepers have been found guilty, guilty, guilty of seditious conspiracy. There are plenty more still on the loose, though. Black women are being shot and killed at three times the rate they were in 2010.

Joe Biden has always been confident that a solution could be found to the first major rail strike in decades, and it looks as if he was correct. Too bad the solution isn’t too good.