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David Waldman returns from a few days up in the Big Apple, abstaining from any use of AF1 as he knows how irritating that can be for some people.

Greg Dworkin reports winning spin wars are easier for those spinning the least. Trump makes his long-awaited pivot from “no quid pro quo!”, to “quid pro quo, so?”… to making it #1 on his list of accomplishments. Can’t he see that this makes him look like a lying, hypocritical, moronic criminal? Wait… Can’t he see? Maybe Trump is only able to see conspiracies and his own bad faith projections anymore. Newly revealed Mueller memos show the Ukraine fiasco was all about Russia. It is all, all about Russia. What was Jared Kushner whispering to Mohammad bin Salman from inside his pocket? Iran is caught violating the agreement we reneged onIntimidationobstruction and hypocrisy do march on, but so does the rule of law.

Greg reminds us that polls are our friend... our annoying geeky friend. Presently, Biden leads Trump by a little in battleground states, Warren trails Trump by a little, and thus the “electability” argument in a nutshell. Beto couldn’t find enough of the the middle, Biden might have found enough, but the middle keeps moving as voters begin to understand the candidates. Meanwhile, Gop Senators are forced to play defense.


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