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Today’s KITM is so great, it took David Waldman days of labor to complete it. Actually, David had to be somewhere at airtime Monday, so he started recording Friday night and eventually stopped talking Sunday. Unfortunately things just kept happening…

So, people still need to be told that mass shootings in America are a serious problem, even when mass shootings need subcategories to be tracked? Crazy people find that guns make killing quick, easy and fun.

Donald Trump is also mentally ill. You do not need more than his words to gather that he has problems. This trend is intensifying the longer he's in office.

Saudis attempted to stem their prince infestation by capturing about a dozen of them over the weekend. The worst ones always seem to get away. Some rats in the US might finally be trapped: Mike Flynn, both big and little, and Commerce Reptile Wilbur Ross might actually be going down—and why not? What have they done for the Donald lately? Robert Mercer might be too big to throw under a bus, however.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have gone to both Facebook and Twitter from some Russian guy, but money isn’t the only way into social media domination. At least 195 Trump web addresses were hacked by probably less well-off Russians, and hundreds of Trump secret subdomains are even paying to be hosted in Russia. Some Russians created “Jenna Abrams”, who is fake, but got to be a way bigger celebrity than you. Jenna, and fake news couldn’t have achieved their giant success without your help, however.

Montana’s post-truth power couple will get you coming and going.

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