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Hey! Guess what happened last night! We won, big league, historically, all over the place... And, you know what that means… open your pocketbook and get back to work, 2020 is around the corner!

Grab your second wind listening to today’s KITM, with our Wednesday crew, David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter:

Get this—David actually knew Juli Briskman back in the day, before she became a national folk hero and successful politician

Greg rounds up all of the Gop losses at the polls. You’d think all of this embarrassment would slow down Donald Trump a bit, but remember, Trump just gets worse. That’s ok, because when he does, we just get more motivated. The Middle Suburb counties in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are flipping away from Trump. Already, Andy Beshear’s election has turned around some of Trump’s Medicare sabotage. Who knows how we’ll ever recover from Donald’s and Moscow Mitch’s judicial infestation, though.

Oh, also yesterday, Gordon Sondland produced the smoking quid pro quo. On cue, Lindsey Graham bulls-eyed his fainting couch and Don Jr. pulled the fire alarm. Soon, the public will hear from more patriots, and more judges, maybe even Supreme Court judges, if they want to really dirty their robes. Next up: Kurt Volker, who has some explaining, and maybe some re-explaining to do. If you are Republican, you really don’t have to explain anything.

Bomb techs are getting tired of disarming bombs underneath rich asses.

Just 40 days left until Obamacare open enrollment ends… that’s probably just a little less than the government has anyhow.

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