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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 8, 2013

Big story of the day seems to be the unraveling of the 60 Minutes Benghazi "story." Although they'll correct & apologize, it's a bit too late once you've given the wingnuts more crack. Sure, correct the record, but what do we do about judges and others who were filibustered over this? Greg Dworkin brings us the "quants vs. guts" debunking of the Double Down drama; the recount news from the Virginia AG race; what demographics lessons from VA results; the backlash against Guns & Ammo for daring to print something about gun safety, and a new (to me) bit of info on the 60 Minutes situation: CBS owns the publisher of the book at the center of the story. That led to a lengthy discussion of the wingnut welfare scheme of bulk book sales, etc. Switching gears, more from the Center for Public Integrity's amazing investigation into the world of the high-priced lawyers who help coal barons stomp on miners seeking compensation for black lung.