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Ah, a sunny day! The Democratic Party feels kind of like a real party today. Let’s join the KITM celebration:

Greg Dworkin reports on the backlash that Trump earned, and brings us some fun polls that we have earnedKarma rains down on Trumpism far and wideEverywhere, voters send a message to frothing cauldron of Republicans. Young, Democratic, women are getting out and voting for young Democratic women. Trump’s core will remain, as long as Trump trolls, and they’re racist. Some tweets aren’t aging well. Isn’t it time Trump voters reach out to us? For Donald Trump Jr. there’s always tomorrow.

Today is also a great day for catching up on Twitter. Some takes aren’t so hot anymore. The Gop claws come out. Don’t worry about Chris Cillizza, that dude can turn on a dime

Joan McCarter joins David Waldman to share both schadenfreude und mitfreude. Some Democrats won with little help, so congratulations? Did Lee Carter not knock on enough doors, or was he too much of a lefty

Does the House tax bill satisfy Senate rules for avoiding a filibuster?

Trump’s Obamacare sabotage backfires, which means free health care for many! Word must be getting around, as there is a record number of early signups. Still, more than 30 million Americans are in danger of losing healthcare, so the war is not over. Republicans don’t worry about voters when donors are about to quit paying them. Having a future depends on taking care of kids now, but House Republicans pass a sham Children’s Health Bill, putting 9 million kids lives in jeopardy.

Leonard Steven Grasz is rated unqualified by the American Bar Association. Now a fourth Trump judicial nominee, Brett Talley is deemed not qualified.

Also—Maine Governor Paul LePage continues having tantrums.

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