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On your way to West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy, but want to nosh on something tasty first? David Waldman wheels out the Friday KITM Smörgåsbord. (Pass on that giant assortment of conspiracy theories Republicans swallow every day.)

A Fox reporter cherry-picks three words to write an entire article. Byron York smells nothing wrong here. Three other words, “Quid pro quo”, were fun words to say last week, but note that extortion and bribery are exactly what’s going on here.

Roger Stone’s trial is going great! (Except for Roger Stone.) It’s not Trump’s favorite, either.

Ivanka Trump isn’t a good spokesperson for anything, but has a ready opinion about everything.

Lev Parnas and David Correia, arrested for campaign-finance law violations, missed their chance to produce Fraud Guarantee infomercials starring pal/employee/boss/coconspirator Rudy Colludy Guliani. Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman got assistance from/screwed a major Trump ally in their attempt to escape the Feds.

As for the impeachment inquiry, John (not Michael) Bolton is putting up a bit more of a fight than expected. The House pulled their subpoena for Bolton’s aid Charles Kupperman, maybe to avoid the Republican rope-a-dope. The judge on the case, Richard Leon, isn’t in the same hurry. Fiona (not Apple) Hill’s deposition is now public and will be the talk of the weekend. William (not Roseanne) Barr might have to pick between Trump and going to hell. (Roseanne’s already there.)

Women were the first Trump whistleblowers. The equal rights amendment is within reach. The blue wave is rising into 2020. On the other hand, a quarter of all federal appellate judges have been appointed by Trump in his efforts to pave the way for a Christian Genius Billionaire dynasty.

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