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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 1, 2014

Today's Twitter chatter: ebola freakouts, and WV plans to frack beneath a river that supplies their drinking water. Luckily they have no history of problems in that area. Greg Dworkin recapped the APR low-down on the Texas ebola story. Also: a Tea Party tantrum threatens Pat Roberts; ISIS strike polling bump; Brookings scholars say primaries are growing in their impact, and; Chris Christie's polling hits a new low. Joan McCarter shares one of the dumbest Obamacare polls to date, conducted by one of the worst pollsters ever. Scott Brown tries to attack Shaheen on border security, but he never attended a single border hearing. Koch brothers freak out over a Rolling Stone exposé. Hiding corporate money overseas. Let's invade Bermuda! Updates on races with Daily Kos-endorsed candidates. The collapse of the Kansas conservative experiment may have a mirror in Idaho. A local TV reporter presses Cory Gardner hard as he tries to duck & deny his support for personhood legislation. And Mitt Romney's still buying houses. Because normal.