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Kagro in the Morning - October 10, 2016

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On a personal note, about midway through last night’s debate I inhaled an actual Stink Bug, so unlike you, I only suffered through about 70 minutes of Donald Trump.

David Waldman was not so lucky. Tune into today’s special Columbus Day KITM to experience David’s torture as he is forced to verbalize all that happened this weekend!

Greg Dworkin calls in to help tackle the debate that wasn’t a debate. Greg sees pundits missing the point again. Still, the judges did go with Clinton, and for-real polls after the debate also went for Hillary. John Harwood discusses the debate with Stan Greenberg. David Frum reminisces about Clinton 90's experience and how it plays today. Donald did what he was hired to do: shake the Alt-Right fist at Hillary, Bill and Barack, but failed at his biggest stunt, so some still aren’t pleased. Did Donald do well enough to stop all the rats from jumping? Yes, Trump did well enough to keep the rats on the ship as it sinks, although a Gop chairman became unsure of his vote when Trump was so bad he made his dog throw up. As for the rest of us, Donald Trump is pretty scary, as he promises to rip up the foundations of liberal democracy and manipulate any genitalia because he can. Remember when Donald Trump took Billy Bush back to “a beautiful place”, but really couldn’t find it? The Trump video is having a hard time taking Donald lower than the basement he’s already in, but it is boosting Hillary.

So, Donald Trump was the big whiner of the debate. That crap used to get him somewhere. David looks into how Trump lobbied for tax breaks to abuse, then later complain about and run against.

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