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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 10, 2018

Less that 27 days until midterm elections, y’all. The right-wing propaganda machine wishes we could hold it down a little bit for the next few weeks, but David Waldman will not pipe down! (Once he clears his morning throat.)

Maybe we aren’t an angry radical mob like people say. Maybe we are just paid to pretend we are angry by the international Jewish cabal... Greg Dworkin reminds us that if all else fails for the Gop, go for the classics. By the way, all else is failing for the Gop. Republicans call what they have now a big win, as polls show a boost in Democratic enthusiasms, and women are leaving the Gop for good, with a 30-point gender gap going into the midterms. Therefore, Donald Trump has no choice but to lie to his base some more, as the Republican party is almost all base anymore. In fact, the party is about as base as they come.

Joan McCarter tells us about Trump’s op ed in MAGA Today’s no fact-check edition. Others are fact-checking for them, and maybe they can get into the letters to the editor next week. Republicans will save the Great Society from Medicare for All. 75% of Americans want to keep ACA protections for pre-existing conditions that the Gop lawsuit seeks to overturn.

It also seems Democrats have picked Venezuelan socialism over Norway’s yet again. Rand Paul worries that someone might get hurt in this harsh environment. Someone important, like him. As Republicans search for some sort of solution to the George Soros question, they do hope to keep some of the good ones, like Sheldon Adelson. Donald and Sheldon are so close they finish each other’s sentences.

Senate Democrats force a vote this week to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Should Democratic leader Chuck Schumer keep following Mitch McConnell, or not? Is it time for Lisa Murkowski to follow her conscience over to the Democratic party? Susan Collins demonstrates that her ability to remember sexual harassment is as good as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, it’s just her sense of shame that has wasted away. Let’s never forget the secret history of women in the Senate and the history how women reporting rape were kept away from the courtroom.

Nikki Haley makes her triumphant retreat, revealing a hidden genius, and raising the question of what was she ever good at?

Meet the new Flake, same as the old Flake.