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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 11, 2013

Welcome to October, brought to you by CREDO Mobile, our newest sponsor! Greg Dworkin reviews the devastating NBC/WSJ shutdown polling, the strongest evidence yet of the destruction of the Republican brand, and recaps the state of play. Does brand implosion threaten their control of the House? Ruin chances of winning the Senate? Then comedian, cartoonist, and radio personality Matt Filipowicz joins us to chime in on the day's news, and tells us about his latest project: his MST3K style “live-riffing” of Atlas Shrugged Part One! We finish out the week with a peek in on the 1% of the 1% (including an actual person named "Muffy") as they hold a whine & cheese send-off for Michael Bloomberg's girlfriend; The Hill's coverage of a little-noticed additional Republican demand regarding Obamacare; how Crazy Ted Yoho bullshits his constituents about his position on paying furloughed federal workers, and; a Seattle #GunFAIL case's outcome is much better than those from SC and MD yesterday.