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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 11, 2018

Less than 26 days before the midterm elections! 

Greg Dworkin brings us the good news, not so good news, and kind of bad news in midterm polls. Minnesota is looking pretty good, post-Franken. Claire McCaskill is betting that swing voters care more about the fight over pre-existing conditions than the Kavanaugh vote. Most voters feel Donald Trump stunk up the Republicans now more than ever.

Florida catches some hell with Hurricane Michael, and will go through more hell to recover. Donald Trump braves the storm with his troops a little over 1,000 miles north, after all they were already paid. Trump is losing in the only way he ever won—ratings.

Jamal Khashoggi has mysteriously disappeared... though probably not a mystery to the 15 Saudis leaving the Saudi consulate with take-out bags. Or to Mohammed bin Salman, who does seem to have a contentious relationship with the press. Robert Palladino and Donald Trump hope to find a rug Khashoggi’s size. Happily ensconced in MBS’ pocket, Jared Kushner is privately concerned.

David Waldman and Armando discuss destroying the Supreme Court in order to save it, or before Mitch McConnell can destroy it, along with the Senate.

Trump says the Dow dive is exactly the crazy he’s been waiting for, so give him some credit. Meanwhile, Donald discovers yet another guy trading off his father’s name, and yet another genius.