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Hey, folks with investable income, it is so nice of you to invest it here. As we have become more “independent” lately we have become more dependent on you. David Waldman has some grand panegyric planned for the near future, but I can already sum it up: Thanks!

Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings might be the last opportunity for some in Congress to take a swing at each other, and no one is passing up on that chance. This might be Republicans last big win for a while, but for conservatives, that win will be plenty. Mike Lee uses his breath to own the Libs, but Senator Kennedy’s smells worse.

Michigan previews how far Republican judges will go to obstruct Democrats in office.

If Hillary Clinton was president, we’d be down to 7 Supreme Court justices, but whatever. The people of our next 6 states should have something to say about that.

Donald Trump takes Covid back on the road, hoping to super-spread the maximum number of sites before November 3rd. Working only from the White House, Trump managed to knock off another 9/11’s worth already. Dr. Sean Conley says Donald is a new man, although Dr. Conley just isn’t who he used to be.

Linking masculinity and strength to fighting disease gets people killed, and people are learning that. It’s not just the pandemic. Trump's war on Obamacare is coming back to bite him.

Greg Dworkin wondered if the polls might widen, rather than tighten. He need not wonder any more. The money is not on Trump, or many Republicans anymore. It’s on who can get us out of Trump’s mess. Undecided voters remain the dumbest people in America, but more importantly, are fading in importance. Everybody wants to be Never Trump now.

Joe Biden has far surpassed Hillary Clinton’s lead. As a challenger, Joe’s numbers are way up in Alf Landon territory! And yet, Democrats fret.

Stubby tail between his legs, Trump runs off to Florida. His rabid fan base might actually be rabid, but relying on only them won’t work.

In California, Republicans own libs by owning themselves and by maybe committing felonies. A legal fight over how to fix problems in mail ballots in North Carolina is holding up votes, half of them from people of color.

Pete Buttigieg teaches every Democrat how to address the issue of late term abortions.

The Latino message is getting out there.

Alaskan Republican Senator Dan Sullivan is caught in a scandal that ties him to a mining project opposed by the majority of voters in his state.

A guy who came to Denver to harass libs was shopping around for trouble and bought some. The good guy with a gun might get murder over self-defense because he didn’t shoot with the right paperwork.

Tax records show how people have paid to play at the White House. If it isn’t happening within his goldfish attention span, Donald Trump could care less.

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