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Kagro in the Morning - October 13, 2015

Today David Waldman talks constitutional law, executive power, political moderates, calculating nihilists, plane geometry, special and general relativity, the Twin Paradox, Katamari strategy, Eli Manning and Larry Lessig. Your brain will hurt so good:

Greg Dworkin preps us for tonight's debate:

Hillary Clinton is well ahead in the polls, with or without Joe Biden. Other than CNN, who expects him to run? Will Bernie Sanders connect like he does with his crowds? Who will be tuning into the debate, and what do they want to see? But, is the smart money on Jim Webb?

Meanwhile Chris Christie promises to destroy civilization if elected, and Ted Cruz rolls about, seeing what he can pick up here and there.

Is German public opinion turning against refugees?

Today's intriguing long-read: Should we thank Obama for the gun crisis?

Right wing thinker asks "Wouldn't you wish for a gun when the Nazis come to your door?" (I would wish for a back door.)  

Armando comes on to play Constitutional Hardball: What are the vital questions that should, but won't be asked tonight?  Hillary Clinton will be seen as really not that far left. Larry Lessig isn't invited to the debate, but that's probably not a bad thing for him and the voters.

The Benghazi panel falls apart, also gets drunk, buys guns.

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