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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 14, 2013

Our second Monday in shutdown, and just a few days until the Treasury's "X Date" for default. First, a quick GunFAIL story from the termination hearing of Gilberton, PA gun nut police chief Mark Kessler: one of the Totally Awesome Tactical Ninja Patriots who showed up to stand behind him looking menacing with his guns actually turned out to be a Butterfingered Moron, and dropped his gun on the floor with a loud crash right in the middle of the proceedings. And Kessler's lawyer called for a suspension of the hearing until they could reconvene in safety somewhere else. Greg Dworkin brought us up to speed on the current state of play on the shutdown and debt ceiling, including the observation that the Tea Party is best understood as just the modern incarnation of the John Birch Society. Recapping the weekend's "protests," we realize once again that right wing protesters are treated with kid gloves, while left wing protesters get pepper sprayed and beaten. Next, we read Bruce McF's diaries outlining an interesting alternative to "The Coin," premium bonds that bring in cash for government operations without adding to the debt ceiling totals. Magic? No! It's the law. Then, the outrageous and entirely tone-deaf gun nut ploy to hijack the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook school massacre. Perhaps the most disgusting thing you'll ever see in real life politics. Finally, an explanation of how Republicans altered the standing House Rules to give Eric Cantor the sole power to block Senate proposals for clean CRs from the floor, plus how they're now moving to pull the rug out from under the Democratic discharge petition.