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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 15, 2013

Still in shutdown, but inching towards a place where a rejectable compromise is proposed! And the gun wackos have decided to move their "Guns Save Lives Day" to 12/15. Because sensitive! Greg Dworkin explores the NBC/Esquire poll on "the new American center" (whatever that is), Bruce Bartlett's article recounting the history of the 14th amendment and the modern conservatives' goal of triggering default. Rounding up some of the procedural developments, we run down the list of the seven Democrats who actually voted for that Republican rule that handed over to Eric Cantor the sole power to bring the Senate's clean CR to the floor. And, since Republicans are still considering this, Matt Yglesias' take down of the Vitter amendment. More observations on Bruce McF's premium bonds idea. An entertaining musical interlude from Lauren Mayer. WaPo: "How the Tea Party broke the Constitution." Jonathan Chait's "Senators Near Deal on GOP Surrender." Then, yet another good point from Bruce McF (it's his week, I guess!), this time connecting Republican "fungibility" theory with labor boycotts. Interesting!