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Kagro in the Morning - October 15, 2015

David Waldman is back from one day out with a cold. Now you don't have to ponder two year old shows - get on to pondering today's show:

Greg Dworkin calls in to sift through the presidential debate fallout.

And, so, who won the debate? Was it Bernie Sanders? Was it Hillary Clinton? What do experts think? How about the polls? What does this mean for the election? Why are those five running, anyhow? Neither Sanders or Clinton lost.

During the debate the Gop offers a horrifying and offensive grab for attention. Another Goper publicly admits the Benghazi panel was designed to go after Clinton.

Armando calls in to answer the question: Who won the debate? Was it Hillary Clinton? Was it Bernie Sanders? (Only one of them will get the nomination.)

The Oath Keepers want to teach the Ben Carson Bum-Rush to students. Another example of Monty Python's prescience.

People are getting shot by toddlers on a weekly basis. Toddlers shoot someone every week in the US. But, you already knew that.

Man attempts to put out a garbage fire by driving over it in a van loaded with ammunition. It went well.

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