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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 15, 2018

Less than 22 days before the midterm elections.

David Waldman is back from once-in-a-lifetime bonding, creating memories that will last forever and such, ready to tackle the latest:

Donald Trump ran the gamut between being a dotard, and being a big dumb baby on 60 Minutes Sunday, but really, he won, so who cares? Elizabeth Warren won 1 million dollars from Trump, but of course Donald won that one too, just like he he always wins those things. Donald Trump always wins.

With so many very fine people to sift through, Trump is finding it tough to piece together the mystery surrounding Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance. Who could have held a grudge against Khashoggi? Saudi King Salman tells Donald that he never even got coffee from Khashoggi. Jared Kushner has fixed most of his Mark of the Beast on 5th avenue mess, but remains privately concerned, though warm and cozy inside Mohammed bin Salman’s pocket. The rest of the world remains a cold, hard place, with Vladimir Putin probably killing people. Eh, who knows? That’s not our business.

Greg Dworkin helps bring the election picture into better focus. Keep dreaming of a 50/50 or better Senate, as Republicans are pretty entrenched in those upcoming races. The House and gubernatorial contests are a different, bluer story with Democratic enthusiasms to spare... hopefully.

Whatever happened to small town life when you could go to the Big Game, and the people you hated weren’t allowed to live in your small town? Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton will be elected President in 2018, in fact they might not even be running.

Ryan Zinke was always on the job when it came to keeping public information from becoming public.

Looking forward, a federal judge has ordered the partial release of the Watergate road map.

Building codes work!