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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 15, 2019

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“Top News” honors this morning go to the bombshells coming out of Fiona Hill’s deposition, as opposed to the bum shills being kicked out of it. The White House did its usual song and dance to try to prevent it from going forward, but Hill had an actual lawyer, and they weren’t having it.

Gordon Sondland is up next, and he may have a few bombshells of his own.

Speaking of bombshells, it turns out that Turkey may end up with more—50 more, to be exact—than they had going into this disaster in Syria. And that’s if we’re lucky. But don’t worry, it’s just loose nukes within reach of 11,000 newly-freed ISIS prisoners, and Rick Perry and Mike Pompeo are on the job!

What a time to have no Secretary of Homeland Security, eh?