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Kagro in the Morning - October 19, 2016

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Let’s all join David Waldman in singing danke schoën that the last presidential debate will soon be in the past. Donald Trump weirdly snubs Barack Obama’s brothers Mark, Bernard, George and David while adding Malik to the debate guest list.

Greg Dworkin says all bets are off for this presidential race. Really—they’re already paying out. If you can still get in, the over/under is 400 electoral votes. Some think something’s rigged. Trump followers think everything is rigged. Democrats move to rig the election with votes. Trump surrogates desperately bet on Trump, while continuing to lose. Even then, there are still a couple left that think he’ll win. Those people are wrong, crazy, or both. Republicans certainly look at things differently. Meanwhile, Donald Trump goes on a presidential death march we’ve never seen before. After the debate it will be about 19 more days until the first woman president is elected, and the roaches will scurry away.

Joan McCarter visits with election news of her own. Time is running out for President Obama’s nominations requiring senate confirmation. A new Democratic Senate could fix that. If a Republican Senate stays, they will be united against Clinton also. 

Marco Rubio says please come to the polls, they aren’t so rigged, as opponent Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy picks up endorsements from the four big newspapers in Florida.

David plays headline lightning round: Donald Trump asks for witnesses to his groping, 6 people say OK. CBS orders Candy Crush reality series, Julian Assange can no longer play Candy Crush, Ecuador cut his internet. Police van rams, parks on protesters in the Philippines. Hillary really should’ve invited David Fahrenthold to the debate. Russian hacker, hoodie optional, picked up the Czech police and the FBI.

More often, people have been crowdsourcing gun violence research, which David has been doing for a while. A.V. Club has noted David’s bolstering prowess with KITM’s recent Very Special Episode. Aren’t you glad that you gave us/will give us some money now?

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