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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 19, 2018

About 18 days until the Midterm elections. The next couple of weeks won’t be easy for an increasingly desperate, frightened and angry Donald Trump and Republican party, so expect to really get a load of it for the remainder of October.

David Waldman is joined by Armando to bring out the details and nuances of today’s news:

Trump took a break from the work of covering up the murder of a journalist to cheer the assault of another journalist. His base responded as “well” as expected to that idea, and are working on their “Cut! Him! Up!” chants for the next time they see Jim Acosta

Expect to hear more of the Jamal Khashoggi was no angel theory from people on the Trump/MBS side. Remember when Khashoggi hung around with Osama Bin Laden? Lee Atwater is spinning in his grave, looking to find his way out and punch the time clock again. Or maybe Lee is still sorry we didn’t have President Gary Hart. Mini-Trump (or maybe 3 mini-Trumps stacked in a suit) Matt Gaetz found some footage and made up a story, whereas Donald would have of course just skipped to the story part. A fake intern who actually was a fake reporter sent from everyone’s favorite faker James O’Keefe to spy U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill also had access to voter information.

Is fraud part of the Trump Organization’s business model, or all of the business model?

David and Armando discuss originalism and textualism and how little either matters to a Judge or a court getting their way. The Heritage Foundation interns pledge to never let anything take precedence over their ideology when making decisions.