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Kagro in the Morning - October 2, 2015

There was a mass shooting and an attempted rescue by a decorated war veteran yesterday, but as it is anymore, that massacre was pushed out of the headlines by even bigger massacre at Umpqua Community College.

Here are 5 Things to Know Now.

David tries to clarify the debate about “Gun Free Zones” and how relevant this was to this case.

How do you deal with a political party that is completely insane?

Even the sheriff responding to the killings was an anti-gun control Oath Keeper.

Where did this killer come from? Was he just looking for lulz?

Armando calls in with a plea to reconsider manufacturer liability law to help regulate killing machines. Where would automobiles be without regulation? Presently the law seems to sway far in the other direction.

Rosalyn MacGregor reports from Michigan: Update - Cindy Gamrat, Todd Courser inspire re-election prevention bill. Sterilization denial for woman with brain tumor highlights religious liberty conflict.

How clued in was Pope Francis on Kim Davis? Was the Pope swindled?

Monday morning - Tune into Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny at 8AM, just before Kagro in the Morning on Netroots Radio. The topic: A deep analysis of the US trade deficit - is it a net gain or net loss?

Right Now - check out this interview with David Waldman on! David talks about Gun Fails & School Shootings vs. the Mighty Gun Lobby!

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