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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 2, 2018

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That wasn’t red red wine—that was blood! Blood flowing from Dom Cozzolino’s ear after he crossed Brett Kavanaugh and his gang of drinking buddies in 1985! Weird how that youthful indiscretion didn’t come up before now.

Well, David Waldman and the FBI are on the case so we’re sure to discover a lot more:

Brett Kavanaugh seems to have been a belligerent sloppy drunk back in the day, a bit dryer now, and maybe had a glimpse of self reflection somewhere in between. It was probably during a time of such introspection that Brett realized he needed to get all of his witnesses’ story straight, as friends and perjurers do.

Old white men told you not to set them off, but now you did it. The Gop has two plans to heal the nation:  just confirm Kavanaugh, and if that doesn’t work, just confirm Kavanaugh. After that, Brett will ensure there is no dispute anymore, and all your female problems will just go back to normal for good.

We are not out of belligerent liar stories. Point out a lie to Donald Trump, and you get the lie back with interest. A reporter says “Thank you” and Trump calls her a liar… or a moron.

Trump personally directed the effort to stop Stormy Daniels from telling the truth.

“People want to make sure we have a congressman that is not hypocritical,” is a lie. If you are referring to Devin Nunes, that is.

A reporter finds that having an opinion prohibits her from telling the truth.