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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 2, 2019

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It’s a scum of the earth gold rush! William BarrJohn DurhamSebastian Gorka, Mike Pompeo are in Italy with Steve Bannon panning for scum. Rudy, Mooch, Huckabee, Schlapp and other two-bit conmen keep mining the scum in Ukraine, in hopes that it hasn’t been completely tapped out

Of course, this did not start in Ukraine. Of course, it started in Florida. David Waldman isn’t here today, but pretended he was yesterday, in order to record today’s KITM… to introduce us to the two Ukrainian-Floridian con men perfectly set to hustle marks just like Giuliani and Trump.

It has already been established that Donald Trump is a mentally unstable, dotardiling, sociopathic nitwit, therefore adding that he wants to shoot migrants in the legs and feed them to alligators might be considered a moot point at this time.