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Kagro in the Morning - October 22, 2015

David Waldman returns from yesterday’s talk about fake moderate Paul Ryan’s fake settling of fake problems with his probably real bosses the Freedom Caucus - his analysis looking pretty accurate, btw.

Greg Dworkin breaks the news that Joe Biden is still out of the presidential race, returning the people that imagined him running to considering the candidates actually doing so.

Democratic polling shows the Upstart Underdog with manifestly enthusiastic supporters closing on the Presumptive Nominee with superior organization going into the Iowa caucus.

As for Republicans, Iowa demonstrates little interest in rationality, or consistency, but quite a lot for Ben Carson.

Hillary Clinton will spend the day with Trey Gowdy and friends, the biggest question being when and where did it all go wrong for the Republicans? To answer, you can either look at the giant mountain of facts, or you can look at the the new set of spin they plan to sell themselves.

Armando continues to not wreck his car when calling in about the many complex issues of today. Topics include the history of journalistic failure, polling's dirty secret, the subtleties of the Trans-pacific Partnership, and Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus vs. Paul Davis Ryan.

Gun expert with his hand down his pants in the theater learns a new thing about his gun. Apparently, he spent time in the Army, but missed the lesson on how to tell his rifle from his gun.

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