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Chaos! But the good kind for once, brought to you, and David Waldman, on today’s KITM. First Stephen AndrewDarkSydeSteven Andrew at DailyKos, etc. called in on Greg Dworkin’s phone at 9 o’clock to talk about the weather. No worries, Greg was actually right there with Stephen, but didn’t want to interrupt… 

Greg was set to talk about Bill Taylor’s punch-in-the-gut, devastating new testimony, that surely will, maybe… well, every little bit counts, maybe. Bill Taylor tells lawmakers Ukraine aid was directly tied to investigations. Donald Trump immediately said the opposite, a dotard mind trick often used to escape crimes.

Of course, if that doesn’t work, he can always call in the wingnut cavalry… Oh wait, here they come

Impeachment support keeps growing, now reaching 55% on Syria news. Ah, but Donald has it all figured out. No one can impeach him if there is no one there to impeach him!  Joan McCarter points out that it is government shutdown season, and Trump already had plans for it.

Forget Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Syria. Trump has moved on… to Hungary. Actually, the US  ambassador to Hungary is responsible for moving Trump on to Ukraine

Biden still has the Joementum, and is set to make our dreams come true, moderately. In case of a Democratic Senate majority in 2020, Republicans rush through judicial nominee Pepe the Frog.

While staying at a Trump hotel (hurry, while they’re still around) consider bringing a portable door lock. You don’t want any surprises in the middle of the night.

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