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So, Donald Trump says he’s building his wall in Colorado. Donald was “joking” and the crowd giving the standing O in Pittsburgh clearly didn’t want to give away that joke... Eh, but that’s not news, right? That’s “W” level news, it might’ve gotten Obama impeached, but we’re way past that now.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin throw as much as they can at us on today’s KITM:

Yesterday, the wingnut cavalry charged the House of Representatives’ SCIF, cell phones blazing, led by the General Custer of General CustersMatt Gaetz. Disappointingly, they were not successful in becoming martyrs, but they were able to unveil secrets known only to a quarter of the Republican caucus, including themselves.

Loathsome enabler Hugh Hewitt supplies us with a guide to the White House rationales and talking points against impeachment. Lawfare describes how impeachment will move forward regardless, with the help of criminal justice. Kevin McCarthy says it’s not criming if you don’t say the crime you’re criming. That, and Trump’s gang is just too stupid to be guilty. Plus, Trump has lawyers that can fix anything. What’s the role of the Office of Management and Budget in withholding Ukrainian aid, you ask? 

Someone wake up Wilbur Ross, and ask him “What about the emails?

William Barr travels the globe on errands for Trump, hiding horcruxes, finding stones for Trump’s glove, but not really attending to any “Attorney General stuff”. Instead of being a representative or employee of the US, Rudy Colludy works for only Trump… or Parnas, or somebody. Attorney Jay Sekulow also moonlights as a secret agent.

Christian music isn’t going to cross Donald Trump because their paycheck is totally, 100% dependent on Trump followers. They have, however, thought up an excuse. Meanwhile, most Americans have run out of any excuses to support Trump. Mike Pence better not get his hopes up, either.  Joe Biden’s lead slips as we round Democratic primary turn 4… or is it still the backstretch

Online MAGAs tried to take down Canada’s Justin Trudeau. While you’re not believing anything this White House claims without written documentation, add Boris Johnson to the list.

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