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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 25, 2018

David Waldman examines all the news today, the good and the bad. The good news is that Sauds made it to whatever step it is when you decide someone is to blame, but it’s not you. The bad news is more bombs are being shipped to people on Donald Trump’s enemy list. The good news is that some of our greatest minds are now on the case!

In a point for civility, the Blow! Them! Up! chant didn’t get a foothold in last night’s Trump rally. There, Trump assured everyone that once we shut up our back sass we might not have to worry about getting slapped.

Greg Dworkin unifies the S’s and the N’s in calling out Donald’s dotardation. Last night Trump saluted our brave boys in ICE as they liberated hamlets across… Well, that’s for someone else to figure out. More good news: Gilligan, Gomer Pyle, and Donald Trump can all be trusted with our national security. Trump tweets that tweeting’s for chumps, and so’s national security. But, maybe Donald Trump is kind of a genius compared to journalists?

The midterm elections have Republicans running scared — to the voting booth. Greg analyzes polling, theories, models, and remains optimistically non-complacent, promising solid answers for us in a week or so, two weeks tops.

There are Jared Kushner-sized holes in federal ethics disclosure rules, but don’t worry, Donald and Vlad are on it.

All sides in the Chinese-Apple-Amazon hardware hack case refute the allegations. Are the three too big to fail?

When both Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone go to jail, will prison become too insufferable?