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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 27, 2021

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring complexity to our simple world

New COVID cases are down nearly 60 percent since the delta variant surge! Hooray! Except for the thousands that died that could have lived. The healthcare infrastructure that still isn’t in place. Our slow response, again and again to pandemic threats. So, how much caution is healthy? How much bureaucracy is enoughThe answer is complex, unless you are simple

Take away the simple answers, and you can leave the Ivermectin at the feed store. A doctor felt that public health just wasn’t his business, and now it isn’t. West Virginia had the highest vax rate, but ran out of reasonable people. Florida ran out of people to infect.

If Dems succeed on their historic legislation… then what? It's almost too frightening to contemplate! Terry McAuliffe is winning in Virginia, but is it by enough? Meanwhile, Glenn Youngkin burns books into the homestretch. White Americans have been against Critical Race Theory ever since there were non-white Americans. White people learn all they need to know about “ANTIFA”, “BLM”, “ADL”, & “ACLU” from the “TV”.

A judge finds that a teen committed sexual assault in a Virginia school bathroom. David explains, in painful detail, exactly how the reality of the situation is far from that simple.