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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 28, 2013

Greg Dworkin sets the theme for the morning. And basically, it's this: political science says most political arguments aren't working. An update on the ACA website issues. And a tour of the weekend's most interesting long reads: Keller/Greenwald, and Posner. The NSA turns out, probably to no one's genuine surprise, is monitoring pretty much everybody in the world. Lindsey Graham threatens to block all appointments in the Senate, because Benghazi. Your Gang of 14, ladies and gentlemen. And just as a vote on the general counself for the NLRB comes up, too. Meanwhile, the House insists it wants to hold a vote disapproving of the debt ceiling hike. So, do you think this is a healthy time to be discussing the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius from HHS? The Hill reminds us of the existence of the "Food Stamp Cliff." Why is it a cliff? What's going to happen? And what does it tell us about the basic nature of the Republicans we're dealing with today? Well, pretty much the same thing that Brian Beutler (and Digby) said. Armando weighs in on the basic illogic of it all, plus the insanity of the attempted Benghazi revival.