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BULLSHIT! Can you think of a better word for this administration at this time? It’s the subject of most of today’s news, in fact. 

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin present a bullshit-free KITM, that is yet somehow completely full of it:

Jacob Wohl contains no other ingredients. He’s found some guy more shameless than himself, who he will introduce to the public today.

Donald Trump frantically, and I mean frantically is shovelling bullshit over his crimes. He calls the non-verbatim Ukraine meeting transcript word-for-word, which is of course… you know. Trump reminds us that Mike Pence’s Ukraine discussions were also perfect, and Mike’s aides back him up. Therefore, Pence is up to his ears in it. And remember, when considering Ukraine and Trump: Once a bullshitter, always a bullshitter. Journalists reflect on how they ignored the smell for so long. Are neophyte lawyers attracted to this Whitehouse, or is this Whitehouse attracted to neophytes?

By the way, Rebekah Mercer and Steven K G Bannon started this Biden bullshit a while ago. Peter Schweizer’s Biden book lifted sections from Wikipedia and other sources. Rudy Colludy tries to bullshit the bullshitters with forged Whitehouse stationary. Australia won’t be helping Lindsey Graham shovel. Rand Paul might love Putin more than Trump.

You know who’s tired of this bullshit? Voters. Except for the 24% that apparently can’t get enough.

Now you can put complete bullshit in your Facebook ad, once you put cash in Facebook’s pocket.

I don’t know… could it be… Moloch?

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