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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 4, 2019

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If you are just waking up you’ve got 25 pages of must reading to do. Nah, lay back down, they printed it mostly sideways… In fact, go ahead and close your eyes. As always, David Waldman is here to read the important parts to us:

Gym Jordan told us Kurt Volker’s deposition undercut Donald Trump’s impeachment case. The released deposition however undercut Gym Jordan’s, and Trump’s believability, spelling out lies, election interference and extortion in Ukraine.

Donald Trump isn’t denying any allegation, by the way. In fact, his plan is to repeat any crime over and over, until it doesn’t seem like a crime anymore. Meanwhile, as the fringe moves into the mainstream, people like Kurt Volker and the Ukraine Ambassador are pushed out. Republicans forget their support for Joe Biden’s Ukraine reforms and embrace the crazy. Rudy Colludy consulted with imprisoned Paul Manafort on Ukraine. Lindsey Graham accuses Australia of being a deep state puppet. Australia rejects that characterisation.

Stuck between Russia and the US, Ukraine shrugs its shoulders and puts a Hunter Biden-related case on the docket. President Zelensky has already implemented Vlad and Donald’s Steinmeier formula, and the local fascists have been cued to light their torches

North Korea found some time between very beautiful letters to produce a submarine deliverable nuclear missile.

Awake now? Good, make yourself a cup of coffee and and a big Democratic baby sandwich. You’ll need it to get through the just-released trove of Roy Cohn documents this weekend.