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Kagro in the Morning - October 7, 2015

Lucky for you, the world remained non-annihilated for the full duration of David Waldman’s live show. Of course, if the world ends later today we will update this post, so check back often.

Greg Dworkin issues a correction: Cuba is, in fact, part of Latin America, otherwise Greg is 110% accurate today:

Donald Trump is ahead among R’s in the states of FL, OH and Pa, while Hillary Clinton holds her leads but loses ground among D’s (Read as a “disaster” for her by the MSM) Joe Biden and Ben Carson are considered the best general election candidates in these key swing states. (BTW, Jeb! is in 4th in Florida.) Is Marco the Trump Slayer?

Joe Biden: No money, weak polls, but still Clinton’s toughest rival with moderate voters and party elites. Joe, we love you, but....

Gallup gallops away from the horse race.

Bill Clinton explains it all in 2 minutes.

Obamacare’s medicaid expansion is helping the uninsured — where it’s allowed to.

The profile for many mass shooters is becoming very familiar.

Wednesday is Joan McCarter day: We may have John Boehner to kick around longer, so John takes his time cleaning up the barn, and Jason gets to Chaffetz about as he eyes the Speaker job.

Gop House ready to Benghazi Planned Parenthood.

David and Joan discuss the need for all of you out there to report on shenanigans similar to the voter suppression methods popping up in North Carolina and Maryland. What's happening in your counties? Email !

Martin Shkreli vowed to lower the price of the drug that he raised 5000%, but he didn't say when, did he?

Florida man sacrifices goat, calls for armed rebellion, runs for office.

Woman attempts to help out Home Depot by killing their shoplifters, but seems to have missed.

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