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Kagro in the Morning - October 8, 2015

David Waldman, chairman of the Kagro in the Morning organization, addresses us directly from the head office in Virginia:

You would think Dr. Ben Carson had zero experience dealing with armed assailants, but he actually met one, and pointed the gunman to a better target.

Greg Dworkin helps discuss the latest polling and headlines:

Status quo in the polls - Trump leads, but isn't winning, as he slowly melts away. Dems in limbo as long as Joe Biden is stuck there.

Jason Chaffetz, proven liar, seems to be hiding subpoenaed footage from the investigation into Planned Parenthood.  

As the historic administration nears its final year, African-American leaders debate: Did Barack Obama do enough for his own community? Rupert Murdoch wishes for a "real black president".

Is Russia repeating its cold war mistakes in Syria? David looks into the history of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and the United Arab Republic.

Is Ben Carson being stupid or coy about the debt limit (and several other topics)? Which one of those qualities is behind his rise in the polls?

Kevin McCarthy is a total dope, though. Update: Still a dope. And, Paul LePage is a total crook, and bully.

4chan shuts down Eastern Kentucky University with bathroom graffiti.

End a life, get probation for mischief.

Update on Dupont and the C8 scandal covered earlier here: Dupont found negligent in a test case!

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