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Kagro in the Morning

Oct 9, 2013

Still in shutdown. And worse, the "default might be awesome" infection is spreading. Yohopublicanism is the new hotness! Greg Dworkin joins us in rolling our eyes at the craziness, but he brings AP-GfK and Gallup data, so he's allowed. Random intermission note: local gun shops are closing for lack of ammunition inventory. Next up: Joan McCarter joins us to round up the day's news and Daily Kos front page coverage to come. Default truthers, "debt prioritization," the possibility of going "nuclear" over a debt ceiling filibuster, Paul Ryan tries to pivot Republicans to entitlement and tax code reforms, discharge petition rules, the status of the private House and Senate gyms, the nomination of Janet Yellen to head the Fed, and the gigantic, melting NSA data center. We finished up with Josh Eidelson's Salon story describing what amounts to a human trafficking scam that's the modern day version of the old coal mining company towns that gamed the system to keep workers trapped in indentured servitude. Yay, modernity!