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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 1, 2015

David Waldman takes two hours and manages to fit in numerous things of great importance and still finds room for a couple things of little importance:


Chris Christie absolutely, positively delivers the stupid.


Democrats win! Because of gas prices?


Scott Walker becomes Ginger to Donald'€™s Fred.


Greg Dworkin'€™s potpourri of politics, polls and Pope news:


Trump fights for McKinley. Trump fights against Reaganomics. Trump Willie Hortons Jeb!. Trump'€™s immigration plan was disastrous in the '€™30'€™s. (Denying citizenship also a big loser idea.) Trump Makes America Grate.


Gefilte Fish.


Iran deal gains momentum, Republicans plan counterattack.


Pope Francis announces the Holy Year of Mercy.


Kentucky county clerk kind of like Muhammad Ali, her lawyers figure.


David continues to apply his expertise to the Dupont C8 debacle. (including checking the math) Refer to yesterday'€™s Kagro in the Morning for the full story and additional links!

David recommends this pro-gun blog article - especially the comment section.