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Yesterday, we traveled back in time for a little KITM, 2012-style. Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin can’t stop talking about those juiceboxes during the breaks.

Men were so sure this disaster would never happen, and shrugged off all the women who tried to sound alarms. Well, that could be just about anything, but often it is the loss of abortion rights. Again, Susan Collins was wrong, and Hillary Clinton was right, both for the millionth time. The Supreme Court didn’t have to do anything to overturn Roe, and that is exactly how they finally did it. The people who made this happen will never have a problem.

Barack Obama couldn’t control the weather as president, but he knew what to do about it, and for that we should be thankful. Similar expectations are being levied now against Joe Biden in Afghanistan. Joe isn’t promising miracles, just hard, honest, competent work. Honest people see that. Sane people too. Getting out of Afghanistan might be easier than staying out, eventually.

Joe and the Dems are becoming the tiniest bit disarrayed. Nancy and Chuck have got this.

The media will be the last know any of this, because they’re too busy watching each other to understand what is going on.

Meanwhile a Texas school district has shut down classes due to Covid outbreaks. It took a couple of teachers dying to get their attention. Perhaps Delta has peaked, but it sure wasn’t due to red states, because that isn’t part of their game plan. Sending kids back to school without a mask plays into that plan, also.

Peter Meijer says neither Joe Biden or the Pentagon tell the truth to the American people. Peter discovered this by lying to the American people.

Want to prevent another January 6th? Well, you could create more norms to violate. There are rules, then there are rules. David, through Ira Goldman, studies the procedural gambits that might be gambited.

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