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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 10, 2013

Greg Dworkin rounds up an astounding eight polls on Syria, David C.W. Parker's "Why Democrats Are in Trouble in 2014," the balancing act between governance and politics inside the White House, and the NYC elections. Ken Cuccinelli's conflict of interest in remaining AG during the Virginia governor's race. A clever Republican grifting scheme is uncovered in Wisconsin. Notes from the class war: the two Americas, and even a split within one of the two, as Goldman Sachs pits its ultra-wealthy against the merely well-off. A quick mention of the Pax Dickinson news. A new Van Gogh is discovered. From Think Progress, "Study Suggests Southern Slavery Turns White People Into Republicans 150 Years Later." And (just couldn't help it), that article I was reminded of about Sarah Palin and her "grabby" entourage visiting the Oscars' "gifting suite" back in 2010.