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Kagro in the Morning - September 10, 2014

This morning's Twitter chatter: yet another "Uber, but for..." gets funded. This time, for making the house cleaning market "more efficient" by re-inserting the cash-skimming middleman. (But it might not be working out all that well.) Greg Dworkin reminds us that "makers" make money, not jobs; rounds up ISIS strategy news in advance of the president's speech, and; points to the insiders debating insularity on insider's TV talk show. Joan McCarter tells us Ted Cruz says the Citizens United amendment would outlaw Saturday Night Live. Meanwhile, Daily Kos joins in delivering three million petition signatures in support, and SF Bay Area Kossacks head to Sen. Feinstein's office to lobby for net neutrality. Reminder: you can weigh in with the FCC on net neutrality through Daily Kos, and pick up a protest day widget for your own website, too. We also discuss Daily Kos Elections coverage of yesterday's primary election results, and Republican plans for yet more Benghazi investigation, and another Obamacare repeal vote. Because new ideas!

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