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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 10, 2015

David Waldman brightens our Thursday with Kagro in the Morning:


Greg Dworkin asserts that the Trumpublican Trumpernaut will not continue, although boy, he is doing well in the polls...


Discounting the Trumpnatics, who could be the “second choice”?  (Chris Christie is neck and neck with “no opinion”.)


The conservative intelligentsia gave birth to Trumpzilla.


The Trumpanista takeover is still a long shot.


Will the voyage of the Trumptanic teach us anything? No.  Can history teach us anything about primary polls - maybe.


Bernie Thunder!  No, they are not the same.  


There is a lot to think about behind the scenes.  David and Greg discuss the Invisible Primary, how the parties decide, and probably already have decided.


On the Iran deal, Republicans show they can chew gum and walk into the wall at the same time.

Are you an abortion survivor? You may be surprised.