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The only panic Donald Trump wanted quelled was his own, when he couldn’t find the courage to tell America of the danger he knew was bearing down them. Donald Trump knew, before a single American died.

Oh well. 

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin find a way through accumulated detritus of rage and grief to talk us through 2 hours.

Why didn’t Bob Woodward tell us? Did it take this long for Bob to realize Trump was that much of a bastard? Donald Trump complained that his generals cared more about our allies than his trade deals. He said “fuck Nelson Mandela”... and all ungrateful Black people, for that matter. He wouldn’t mind killing everyone in South Korea, and he almost killed everyone in North Korea. Sooner or later, Donald Trump will kill us all.

As a matter of fact, there were plenty of people who could have told us about this earlier, but… the money is really good, even when one has a lot of money already. David wanders down the KITM rabbit hole following U.S. ambassador/sycophant Lana Marks, and the equally suspect U.S. ambassador/Mar-a-Lago founder, Robin Bernstein

The former chief of intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security says Chad Wolf, Ken Cuccinelli and others made the news out of the DHS a lot more Russian and white-friendly. Russians have been caught hacking the Biden campaign.

Public trust in all health officials might be fading, but no one will ever trust a Trump vaccine.

The Republican party isn’t worth saving. Few Republicans are at this point. These revelations could still move a few however, and any convert is good... Maybe even evangelicals are finally seeing the light? There might be sociopathic trolling Trump voters, but there are no shy Trump voters.

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