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The top news of the day, of course, was President Biden’s address announcing his new federal policies to combat the continuing pandemic. And of course, the instant, reflexive opposition from Republican governors, particularly those considering running for president in the near future. Which is to say, all of them.

Naturally, all of them have terrible track records on COVID as a result. So I spent an hour or so on Twitter as well as on the air putting their failures in terms their constituents could understand. That is, given their per capita death rates, how many of the people in the stands at The Big State U. football game this weekend would die, if fans died at the same rate as COVID patients in their state. The results are startling.

Meanwhile, in the real world, there’s every indication that Biden’s plan is just what most people have been waiting for.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic, Kellyanne Conway deserves a special spot in the hot place for this supremely shitty COVID take. And speaking of Conway, she and a bunch of other Trumpniks got their asses bounced from some cushy federal advisory board positions TFG gifted to them. So they’re crying. And of course, they’re not entitled to. Oh, and by the way, one of them (like Mike Flynn) is a spy.

Have you ever admitted to wondering whether, with all these Trumpy Republicans dying from COVID, it could actually impact the outcome of the next elections?

Have you ever admitted to wondering whether, with all these Trumpy Republicans in the Senate (and some Trumpy Democrats), Democrats looking to include immigration reform in the reconciliation bill might fire the parliamentarian?

Steve Bannon is stupid. Arizona Republicans are stupid. You really shouldn’t cross the streams.

The DOJ is stepping up its game on the Texas abortion law.

Well, it was a rough day. How about we pick up everyone’s spirits with a nice obituary? No, really, you should read it.

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