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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 11, 2017

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There was a small hitch in David Waldman’s brand new KITM’s brand new equipment today, but with a few tweaks it sounded perfect. Is this the big reset we’ve all been waiting for? Only time will tell.

Greg Dworkin, who sounded great even when there were two of him, rounded up advice on Hurricanes, Hillary, and how to cover them. (And it’s the 9/11 Anniversary.) Florida awakens to flooding and devastation, with some more woke than others. Hurricanes suck. Trump sucks more. Donald Trump, always a couple pivots short of a presidency, wasn’t hired to govern, he was hired to win. Republicans can’t govern, but aren’t interested in winning, so Donald is tired of them. The biggest mistake in “modern political history” doesn’t like how Donald Trump fired James Comey.

Telsa shows the future of corporations doing whatever they damn well want.

House Democrats challenge Trump's electoral college win! Oh yeah, they did that awhile ago, maybe it’ll catch on someday.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s son sees a lot worse people than Nazis—Antifa, BLM, Jews… David Duke figures that boy might be one of the good ones.

About a third of luxury real estate hides money laundering, well duh.

Trump Tower, where everyone has a secret, and where BDSM, rape, murder, and management overreach (just some of the depths of degradation residents go to) were all detailed in a book—starring Donald J. Trump and almost a TV show—starring… John Barron.

Can you think of a better time for Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) to divulge an extramarital affair? See—you already forgot about it.