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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 13, 2017

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Today David Waldman has the KITM media infrastructure figured out and working smoothly, because unlike Ted Cruz, he doesn’t let his staff make decisions he personally might regret. David owns his mistakes—but urges you to pitch in if you have a chance.

The Greg Dworkin twins did make a short appearance, but were soon out of there. Greg rounded up the latest on white Presidents, destroying the Gop, and sham commissions (all about the same thing) Kris Kobach’s sham commission isn’t off to a great start, as if they even cared about that, when there are votes to suppress, and guns to sell—nothing Democrats would be interested in.

When disaster hits, good people jump in to help in any way they can. Trump wants to cut corporate taxes. Some Republicans have helped out by retiring. Dems are picking up special election seats in OK and NH, by big swings.

Want to feel old? Now you can look for people you know in a Ken Burns documentary.

Joan McCarter reports that Bernie Sanders “Medicare for All” bill will be introduced with at least 15 cosponsors, a really big deal, albeit not one that will be passing anytime soon. It’s a big deal considering the tide is turning so fast that before long it will be a Republican idea.

Presently the world’s biggest screw-up, Equifax gets the federal contract for verifying Obamacare data.