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It’s Monday, and David Waldman, with Greg Dworkin, present to you a KITM. After that, you’re on your own.

Greg and David open the show with a remembrance of 9/11, not forgetting how it lead to the deaths of millions in the Middle East, institutionalized war crimes, destroyed US freedom and democracy, and established white nationalism and bigotry as accepted American values.

This weekend, George W. Bush said a smart thing a couple of decades too late. Donald Trump wasn’t at Ground Zero in 2001, and he wasn’t there again. Instead Donald was at the De La Hoya Holyfield vs. Some Other Guy fight, and also a Moonie shindig. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani couldn’t book the Four Seasons, but did find a place that let him run a bar tab.

Vaccination mandates make sense, medically and politically. More than half of Americans support vaccine mandates. Republicans don’t want to be vaccinated against anything they can pretend away. Their big fear is that mandates could work as well as vaccinations. Podunks catch headlines fighting the rebel cause, while most businesses prefer to get back to business. Covid rapid tests cost a lot because manufacturers like money.

Will a booster shot help? Eh, it wouldn’t hurt. However, the dangers of walking through fecal fountains and poop plumes have been well established and you should consider double, or triple masking against those incoming... or outgoing effluvia, and not just for Covid’s sake.

Californians know it’s fun talking trash about their Governor, but when it’s time to put up, they know when to shut up. Every losing Republican will still be crying fraud from now on.  Stephanie Grisham (Not Winston Wolkoff) never took questions before, but did come up with the answer on when Trumpworld was aware of the 1/6 riots.

Joe Biden might need to take Joe Manchin out behind the barn for a while.

About that dazzle of zebras — mistakes happen, that’s all David can say at this time.

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