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Kagro in the Morning - September 14, 2016

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David Waldman tries to keep it quiet, but just two minutes into KITM is forced to reveal the respiratory illness he has harbored for almost the entire morning. Will he still be able to carry out his responsibilities in the future? Maybe it’s just a little frog in his throat. Anyhow, his body double isn’t ready to take over yet.

Greg Dworkin will not be revealing anyone’s health records live, but is happy to divulge Donald Trump’s foreign business ties. The Trump foundation may not be getting press, but it is getting attention from the law. Mysteries in the files of the Donald J. Trump Foundation are being solved. All this truth might shorten the lifespan of Trump minions.  

Eeek! Donald Trump has a 5 point lead in Ohio! Calm down, maybe there is an explanation. Hillary’s still got this. Here, look at some happy charts on the economy!

Joan McCarter reminds us that Donald Trump isn’t the only deplorable game in town. There are plenty of old pros in Washington derping it up. For instance, the Freedom Caucus Maniacs are stirring up yet another plot against fellow Republicans. That doesn’t mean they are ignoring Democrats, as they are planning never-ending investigations into President Clinton. And there’s always time to screw Paul Ryan! Maybe they can resist the urge to screw the whole US with another government shutdown, even if it means improving water or halting disease, or even funding Planned Parenthood. For the first time in more than 20 years the Senate has enforced a subpoena in court. The Democrats think they might have made a mistake slipping an Obamacare provision into a bill.

Has Scott Walker’s comeuppance finally arrived?

Donald Trump said he had the tallest building after 9/11.  He lied.

Trump promised to personally pay… Oh you already guessed the rest.

At least he has a got an excuse about that tax thing.

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