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Kagro in the Morning

Sep 14, 2017

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David Waldman pushes all the buttons, and pushes them well, in today’s KITM

Donald Trump proves himself the master of the “Art of the Deal, Who Said There Was a Deal? There Never Was a Deal, But If It Was, It Would Be This Deal.” MAGA!

Greg Dworkin and David discuss whether The Donald ever has a strategy with a beneficiary in mind other than The Donald. Diehard supporters are dying hard, but dying. The Charlottesville resolution will give Trump a chance to knock off a few more.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin wanted a military jet for his honeymoon. Who wouldn’t? Good thing he knows a guy who just happens to own the ethics watchdog.

The crown prince of the United Arab Emirates snuck around in the US, and Susan Rice, United States National Security Advisor, decided that might be a national security matter. If he was here to work on a scheme to build Saudi-controlled fuel enrichment plants in the middle of America's largest naval base, plus more than a dozen other locations, then maybe it was.